FAST.LOC SpA specializes in the production and sale of industrial fastening systems and custom-made turned parts for the most varied uses in every product sector. The headquarters is located in Pianezza (Turin), where the offices, design and mechanical workshop are located; here numerous mechanical processes are carried out (turning, milling, drilling, tapping, rolling, tumbling, sheet metal stamping, etc.) for the internal production of fastening systems and for the production of customized components. Also on the Pianezza site is the technical office with the quality control laboratory, which has machinery and tools to ensure compliance with the quality standards required by the most demanding markets; in addition to the control of 100% of the pieces produced in the workshop, raw material certificates 3.1 and PPAP level can be provided. 3.
The company also has a factory in China (Hangzhou), where further mechanical processing and assembly are carried out for the production of fastening elements. Upon completion of the mechanical processes useful for producing the fastening elements, it has acquired Spadetto Srl, specialized in broaching operations and machining on machining centres.
FAST.LOC SpA is certified ISO 9001. e EN 9120.

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1965: It was founded in Turin FASTLOC SPA in Via Duchessa Iolanda, which deals with the marketing of mechanical fastening systems for the industrial sector.


1993: The company moved to larger premises in Via Chambery, also in Turin.

2000: Vhyenas acquired the VVM turning shop (later TAP) in Pianezza, which has pemitted althe company to transform from commercial to manufacturing, thus starting to build its own know-how-technical how.

2007: Uoffices, production and warehouse are unified in the current Pianezza factory.

2008: FAST.LOC HARDWARE AND LOCKS MANUFACTURER (HANGZHOU) CO is established. LTD., Chinese factory where production activities are carried out for FAST.LOC SPA.

2022: Join the FAST.LOC group, i Spadetto Srl, specialized ininternal and external broaching processes and operations carried out on machining centres.