The line of mechanical locks has a variety of sizes, materials (zamak, plastic, stainless steel, brass, galvanized steel) and the possibility of combining hooking levers with a choice of different versions and numerous sizes. These characteristics make this line of products extremely versatile and suitable for the most varied applications such as: metal carpentry in general, metal furniture, electrical panels, agricultural and earthmoving machinery, railway sector, carpentry for machinery and plants, etc. They can be operated with traditional flat keys, high-security tubular keys, special recesses (e.g. triangle, square, hexagon socket, railway standard square, screwdriver cut, etc.), offering quality functionality at efficient costs.
In addition to the mechanical versions we offer electromechanical locks; the drive of these models is electro-actuated and provide the possibility of managing the drive remotely, as well as connecting them to access management and control software. The application sectors for this product are increasingly numerous: from lockers to server room racks, to any type of closure that requires these functions.