Processes and Services


The mechanical workshop of FAST.LOC SpA with single shareholder (located in Pianezza – Turin) has numerous machinery for the production of customized components, such as: 32 numerically controlled lathes, fixed heads and sliding headstocks (bar passage 3,00 – 70 mm), 5 automatic lathes (bar passage 4,00 .30 – XNUMX mm), 5 press for sheet metal stamping (from 20 a130 tons), 3 rolling machines a diveo ,1 rolling machine for bars, 1 work center e various machines darecovery (drills, tapping machines, milling machines, band saws, parallel lathes, lathes, sharpeners, deburring machines, welding machines, riveting machine orbital, etc.).
Thanks to the consolidated network of suppliers, heat, surface and grinding treatments are managed a completion of the operations carried out in the workshop.

Broaching and machining on machining centres

The mechanical workshop of Spadetto Srl, part of the FAST.LOC group, specializes in internal and external broaching for a varied range of applications on different products; boasts over 60 years of experience, which places it as a leader in the sector. The processes vary from the classic hollow seat shaping to internal and external toothed profiles with centesimal tolerances. The workshop has a fleet of manual and automatic machines (14 broaching machines in total, stroke up to 2.000 mm) which allows it to meet all production needs. Internally it designs and builds broaches and equipment necessary for mechanical processing; has CNC flat and round broach sharpeners, CNC tangential profiling machine, CNC lathes, cylindrical grinding machines, etc.
The components that are processed range from turned, pressed or sheared, to sintered. Furthermore, the workshop has 4 work centers where recovery operations are carried out.
Thanks to the consolidated network of suppliers, heat, surface and grinding treatments are managed.

Design and production of customized fastening systems

To provide a consultancy and support service in the customer's product development, the company has a technical office for product design.
If the customer needs a specific fastening element (lock, hinge handle or any other fastening element) for their application, which differs in technical requirements from standard products, the company can provide technical support for the specific design hoc and start dedicated series production of the requested element.

Service provider for the aerospace sector

The local productive fabric strongly characterized by companies operating in the aeronautical sector and the large international production network, has allowed FAST.LOC SpA to operate for several years as a service provider for production companies in the aerospace sector. Specifically, it markets fasteners aeronautical such as: bolts and screws, nuts, threaded inserts, fittings and hoses, clamps, washers, springs, bearings, rivets, etc.
All the material supplied is accompanied by a manufacturer's certificate of conformity and related batch traceability certificates. If requested, the company can provide custom made products according to customer specifications.

Logistics and warehouse of finished products

The company has a large warehouse of finished products to ensure immediate availability of material. To guarantee an efficient service, automatic machines are used for storage, handling and packaging.


The quality control of products and processes is a constantly evolving technical area that requires increasingly higher standards high in all markets. The company has of machinery and tools for carry out checks on board the machine, in the laboratory (With profile projectors analogue and digital, durometer, microscope, 3D measuring machine, roughness meter, laser profile scanners etc.) and with automatic machinesat the end of production. ORas well as checking 100% of the pieces produced in the workshop yes i will fornire certified of raw material 3.1 and PPAP lv. 3.
As regards process control, the company is certified ISO 9001. e EN 9120.
Every year FAST.LOC SpA draws up the document relating to the Quality Policies which can be downloaded clicking here

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Download Certificate